Organizational Design, Redesign and Post Merger Integration

Organizational Design


The organizational design is the derivation of the strategy in a structural framework. There are often substantial decisions of the company, changing the requirements for the organizational structure:

- Your company is in a massive growth and you want to promote entrepreneurial thinking

- You want to integrate a purchased company and you want to adapt the organizational structures 

- You have significantly expanded your product portfolio and you want to reflect this development in your structures

- You want to integrate the foreign branches in the corporate structures sufficiently


I can advise you in developing your organization design with determining the dimensions, hierarchy levels, types of organization, group sizes, roles, job title, responsibilities and interfaces. 


Reorganization and Post Merger Integration

A reorganization is a  very special project with many challenges and pitfalls. The project has to consider different interests and the project architecture should involve stakeholders at the appropriate level.

 A good post-merger integration begins before the acquisition of the company. In addition to the conventional analysis in the due diligence and the "organizational fit" should be considered. 


 When it comes to adapt and restructure your organization, then I will gladly advise you throughout the entire change process with the following topics:

 - Elaboration of the project architecture involving all stakeholders

- Analysis of the organizational structure

- Definition of a formulated corporate strategy

- Development of the future organizational structure in a Blue Print

- Development of the Corporate Process Map

- Creation of an Integrated Management System

- Determination of new information and communication channels

- Consulting for Change Communication

You want professional assistance for your reorganization and post-merger integration. I gladly support you as project manager or consultant.